Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Engine MIL

When I brought the car, the MIL (Malfunction indicator lamp) was illuminated. A quick check on the Daewoo & Chevrolet owner club forum led me to Amazon to purchase a u480 OBDII DTC scanner. The scanner arrived today and I went about fixing my fault. The plug for the scanner plugs in in a port situated under my glove compartment. I plugged it in and even with the ignition off the scanner kicked into life with 'MEMOSCAN U480' displayed on the screen. The scanner indicated there were 2 faults... For the first fault the code was displayed as 'N/A', the second code was displayed as 'P1403'. I reset the codes, rescanned the car and there were now no faults. A quick turn of the ignition and the car started as normal, but with no MIL... Result! A quick search of the internet revealed the code was EGR (engine gas recirculation) valve faulty. I will run the car for a while and hopefully the code will not re-appear.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Boot / Trunk light

The other day I noticed that there is a light in the boot of my current Matiz. There wasn't one in my previous M100 Matiz. It didn't appear to work, so today I decided to investigate. The side panel on which the light is located wasn't secured in properly. I had wondered if it had been replace from a higher specification model like a SE plus. It supposed to have a screw and several clips holding it in. I removed the screw and the one remaining clip and I was surprised and happy to see that there was wiring for the lamp. The next thing was to see if it was a blown bulb. It looked similar to the interior courtesy festoon, one of which I had replaced on one of my earlier Matiz's so I removed this and placed it in the lamp holder and it illuminated immediately. The festoon was a slightly different size to the one in boot, so I went on the interweb to find a replacement. After a bit of searching I found this... There is quite a long lead time on this bulb, it must be coming from abroad. When I get the new bulb I will do a photo story of my replacement of the bulb. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My new baby...

Well, I finally had to say goodbye to my old Matiz. She just wasn't economical to repair. Here is my new beast just after her maiden voyage....